CloudPublish makes eBook and eJournal publishing and delivery easy and affordable.

CloudPublish® allows publishers and universities to deliver eBooks, eChapters, and eJournals directly to customers with secure cloud storage, online delivery, digital rights management, and easy website integration.

Total control over digital publishing and delivery

What is CloudPublish?

CloudPublish is an advanced cloud-based service which allows publishers and universities to market, manage, sell and securely deliver content in electronic format to customers.

CloudPublish technology can be used to create branded feature rich websites for the digital delivery and sales of eBooks, eChapters, and eJournals or to power existing websites.

The CloudPublish package provides a comprehensive back-end system and array of tools which allow you to build bespoke online services which fully satisfy your clients’ requirements and give you complete control over sales activity.

CloudPublish offers the flexibility to implement virtually any business model you care to adopt, from a concurrent user model to patron driven acquisition.

“Seit einigen Jahren arbeiten wir als Distributor für die 123Library. Verschiedene institutionelle Kunden haben Titel mit Campus-Lizenzen erworben. Die Abwicklung der Bestellungen durch das 123Library Team waren immer zügig und problemlos. Bisher haben wir nicht eine einzige Reklamation von unseren Kunden erhalten. Die Nutzung und die Stabilität der Plattform scheint fehlerfrei zu sein. Wir führen 123Library weiter gern in unserem Portfolio und bieten es Kunden aktiv an.”
— Klaus Tapken, Missing Link Versandbuchhandlung eG

“Over the past several years, we have been working as distributors of 123Library. Various institutional clients have purchased titles under a University license. Delivery of orders through 123Library team were always quick and problem-free. We have not received a single complaint from our clients. The use and stability of the platform appear faultless. We are pleased to maintain 123Library in our portfolio and offer it actively to our clients.”
— Klaus Tapken, Missing Link Versandbuchhandlung eG

The CloudPublish platform is a product of 123Library -

Who is CloudPublish for?


CloudPublish ends the dependency on aggregators to sell eBooks to customers by delivering the resources needed for publishers to deliver eBooks, eChapters, and eJournals themselves directly to customers online.

CloudPublish technology can also provide publishers with existing websites the tools required to answer the sophisticated demands of public and academic libraries as well as to deliver digital content to individuals.

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Universities and other academic institutions

Using the CloudPublish platform, high resolution eBooks, eChapters, and eJournals can be created, managed, and securely delivered to students and other academic institutions – without the cost and complication associated with using third parties.

The flexibility of CloudPublish allows a wide range of digital content to be created, including eChapters, and delivered using our state-of-the-art online eReader, or securely downloaded in PDF format.

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How does CloudPublish work?

CloudPublish provides a dedicated back-end facility and set of online tools (including a comprehensive API, connectors in common programming languages, example code and templates) which allow you to create or integrate branded digital publishing websites for the sales and delivery of eBooks, eChapters, and eJournals.

Once configured, the CloudPublish package also offers secure title management, user authentication (including Shibboleth and OpenAthens), subject code conversion, bibliographic referencing and subscription management. CloudPublish is pre-integrated with industry standard metadata solutions, including ONIX, OAI-PMH, OpenURL, DOI, and more.

CloudPublish includes a state-of-the-art online eReader, ensuring a fast, fluent and feature-rich reading experience optimised for hand-held devices and desktop computers.

Content can also be downloaded by users from CloudPublish to Adobe Digital Editions or any compatible device, protected by Adobe DRM.

CloudPublish provides the highest level of customer service and support, including a service level agreement with a 99.95% uptime guarantee, a dedicated account manager and access to our team of technical experts.