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CloudPublish was founded with a modern approach to design and technology, and a mission to help Publishers get their content to as many people as possible, as easily as possible - with impact. Our goal is to deliver high-impact websites to Publishers that are fully customisable and ready to grow, flex and transform with your business. We have worked hard to develop solutions and processes that will keep things easy, reduce deployment time and keep costs down, all whilst maximizing stability.
CloudPublish is built by the team behind 123Doc Education and 123Library; an education publisher and an innovator in the distribution of professional & academic eBooks. 123Lib served the needs of over 150 publishers worldwide, 75 institutional libraries, and the UK's National Health Service. We have first-hand experience as a publisher and are at the forefront of changes in the distribution of digital content in the academic world and we are here to help you navigate its future. Based in London, but partnering with publishers across the UK and Europe, we use our technical expertise and our partnership experience to help you to create a vision for your online presence, build a roadmap, and then make it happen.

"Our mission is to use great technology with utmost efficiency to help publishers spread knowledge further and faster without incurring unnecessary costs. We take a great deal of pride in delivering solutions that are efficiently built to perfectly meet the needs of publishers and their future strategies. Our passion and entrepreneurial spirit helps us to deliver cost effective solutions that will help publishers to get their content into the hands of the most people possible."

Sabine Guerry, Founder & CEO CloudPublish & 123Library

Our Promise

Using our first-hand experience as publishers, the latest technologies, and our sharp focus on streamlined and efficient delivery, we rapidly deploy customisable and scalable out of the box solutions, at market leading prices.

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Our Team

The CloudPublish team brings together the brightest minds in technology and publishing - to support you every step of the way

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“Our goal is to make everything easy: from consultation, set up & launch, through to managing and optimising your platform and its future developments."

Sabine Guerry, Founder & CEO CloudPublish & 123Library

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