Any format, any way, any where.

The CloudPublish platform is designed to enable publishers to bring together content in multiple formats into single fully customisable, high impact e-commerce websites. Our 'One Destination' capability means that the CloudPublish platform, is the only platform needed to support ALL the content types and ALL the business models that your publishing business requires. Our translation and finance tools mean that you can cater for multiple geographies and currencies. This enables many of our customers to significantly enhance their UX for the first time - by offering choice, personalisation and simplicity.

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"We want to help you to delight your customers and to do that you need to meet them where they are, serve them with relevant content choices, and enable them to access or purchase your content in ways that suit their needs."

Sabine Guerry, Founder & CEO CloudPublish & 123Library

In the past the complex requirements of publishing businesses lead them to pursue lengthy, complex and expensive bespoke website development projects, and sometimes the production of multiple platforms and websites. This often resulted in the use of inefficient technologies that were difficult to maintain and solutions that were not able to adapt to support evolving content and delivery strategies. With CloudPublish, at a relatively low cost, we can build a bespoke solution quickly to meet your multiple needs, AND it will be designed to flex and support you into the future.

How do we do this? Our team have a track record for building successful, long-lasting business solutions to support the sales and distribution of professional and academic content. By listening to our client's needs, adapting to industry requirements and working with the latest technology, we have developed a scalable, flexible and feature-rich out of the box solution that can then be customised and built bespoke to your needs.