Metadata for eJournals


Metadata for eJournals

Supplying metadata for eJournals is a different process to supplying metadata for eBooks.

Rather than using ONIX, CloudPublish requires CSV uploads, with slightly different templates for each of the interlinked eJournal types:

  • eJournals (containers for eJournal Issues and/or eJournal Articles)
  • eJournal Issues (can be read as entire items, and/or used as a container for eJournal Articles)
  • eJournal Articles (readable items)
  • eJournal References (bibliographic reference data only, not a readable item)

This means that eJournals do not themselves exist as items that can be read - you do not need to upload a source PDF for an eJournal. An eJournal, instead, exists as a metadata construct that describes a journal publication only. Users will read either Issues or Articles that are published in the eJournal.

In order to link Articles and Issues with eJournals, it is necessary to know in advance the eJournal ID. This is assigned once you upload your first eJournal CSV file, and can be retrieved either by downloading your metadata in the CloudPublish administration website or via the API. You can then specify this eJournal ID in your CSV files that describe Issues and Articles.

Similarly, to link an Article to a specific Issue, you need to specify the Issue ID, which is generated once you upload your Issue CSV metadata file. This is not necessary or always desirable; you can always specify the issue number (e.g. "Journal XYZ, vol. 2, issue 4") for an Article without specifying the Issue ID. One (albeit unlikely) reason you might not want to specify the Issue ID is if you want to prevent people accessing separate Article files if they are subscribed to a particular Issue.

You are free to update eJournal metadata at any time, but you must always specify the item ID when you do so, otherwise you will cause new records to be created.

For more information about other types of metadata, please see these pages:

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eJournal References can also be added by CSV metadata file. These require the eJournal Article ID, and are used to create blbliographies for each article that can be read without accessing the article itself.

CSV metadata templates

To access the metadata specification and to receive template CSV files, please contact your account manager.


It may be useful to visualise these four eJournal types linked by IDs, as follows:

Reference(s) w. Article IDArticle(s) w. Issue IDIssue(s) w. eJournal IDeJournal


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