Metadata for eChapters


Metadata for eChapters

An eChapter within CloudPublish is essentially an extract from an existing eBook. Therefore, in order to create eChapters, it is necessary to first add eBooks.

eChapters are defined primarily by specifying a page range from a parent eBook. Additional metadata can be specified (for example, chapter title, chapter author, etc.) and this can be done either by CSV upload or by using the /ChapterCreate method of the CloudPublish API. The advantage to using the API is that metadata can be automatically copied from the metadata held for the parent eBook (by specifying copy_metadata=1). In both cases, however, the parent eBook ID must be specified.

Given that eChapters are simply extracts from eBooks, it is possible to create items that contain several chapters of a book, or indeed any arbitrary page range.

For more information about other types of metadata, please see these pages:

eChapters and DRM

It should be noted that eChapters cannot have "hard DRM" applied - the only DRM option for eChapters is "soft DRM". More information about the DRM options can be found here.


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