FastReader: the CloudPublish online eReader


FastReader: the CloudPublish online eReader

Electronic documents accessed online through CloudPublish are presented in "FastReader", an online (browser-based) ereader. Other than displaying the document, there are a number of features in FastReader which personalise reading for your users. The personalisation is linked to the customer_ref attribute supplied when you call the API method /Read. Therefore, you should supply a unique customer_ref for each individual user, and exercise caution when subscribing entire institutions.

FastReader can be customised to the extent of adding your own logo instead of the default "CloudPublish" logo.

FastReader features

  • Switchable graphical and text view modes. The graphical mode shows each page as in the printed document (or source PDF), and the text view shows each page in plain text, which can be picked up by a screenreader.
  • Overview mode displays the entire book as thumbnail images, allowing for fast navigation.
  • Document scaling: Pages can be zoomed-in with no degradation to print quality, because in graphical mode the pages use vector (SVG) graphics.
  • Light/dark modes: The plain text presentation can be switched between light-on-dark and dark-on-light, and the font size can be increased, allowing for improved accessibility.
  • Highlights: Any arbitrary selection can be saved of either text (in plain text mode) or any rectangular area (in graphical mode). Once made, text highlights are available to access separately.
  • Notes: Notes can be attached to any page and then accessed separately.
  • Bookmarks: Any page can be bookmarked; bookmarked pages are clearly identified in the Overview mode as well as the standard graphical and text views.
  • Bibliographic references: Any page can be added to a bibliography, which can then be downloaded in a number of standard formats (MODS XML, BibTex, EndNote, ISI, RIS, MS Word).
  • The table of contents ("TOC") is available as a pop-out panel allowing for efficient navigation. The TOC will be presented in multiple levels if the source PDF has bookmarks arranged in levels.
  • Printing is controlled and can be restricted by number of pages / percentage of the document.


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