Frequently asked

How does CloudPublish work?

CloudPublish is a publishing and digital delivery system with a comprehensive API allowing the creation of feature-rich websites by publishers or third parties.

Can I offer my eBooks online and for download?

Yes, your eBooks will be "streamed" online via our fully-featured eReader, which uses the latest web browser technology to deliver crisp images and a fluent, fast, and feature-rich reading experience on tablets and other hand-held devices as well as desktop computers.

For downloads, your eBooks can either be secured with "hard DRM" or "soft DRM". With our "hard DRM" option, your books are protected by Adobe DRM and made available on Adobe Digital Editions and a wide variety of compatible software, apps and devices. With our "soft DRM", your books are available as encrypted PDFs, with (optionally) printing enabled, disabled or degraded, and/or copy-and-paste enabled or disabled. Furthermore, we add visible and invisible watermarks to the PDFs identifying the user, and the time and location of the download.

Does your "soft DRM" interfere with screenreaders and other accessibility software?

We are able to allow screenreaders to read the text in a "soft DRM"-protected ebook while at the same time preventing copy-and-paste and printing, for a secure yet accessible approach to soft DRM.

Our online eReader is also packed with features aimed at providing an accessible reading experience and good compatibility with browser-based screenreaders.

Can I integrate CloudPublish with other software?

Yes, you can apply any design and branding and combine with any other application. Your front-end website will be linked to the CloudPublish back-end through our API.

We do not have a suitable website. Can you help?

Yes, CloudPublish provides all the tools you need to create fully functioning, branded digital publishing websites for the sales and delivery of eBooks, eChapters, and eJournals. Our team of integration experts can help you create the website you need to start distributing eBooks straight away.

What business models does CloudPublish support?

CloudPublish offers a "concurrent user" model as part of the basic service. However, the API is flexible and will allow you to implement virtually any other model you can devise (PDA, loans...)

Can I keep my existing customer database?

Yes, CloudPublish does not replace or duplicate your customer database, allowing your own customer database to remain confidential to you.

Can I sell my eBooks ‘by collection’ from my CloudPublish website?

Yes, CloudPublish provides the flexibility to distribute eBooks, eChapters, and eJournals individually or by collection. You will have access to a dedicated admin area that (along with many other functions) allows you to easily create and manage your collections.

Can I sell eChapters using CloudPublish?

Yes, you can easily market, sell and distribute eChapters from within your CloudPublish eBooks. eChapters can be linked to eBooks and sold either as eChapters or eBooks. Moreover, the CloudPublish eBinder tool allows publishers and end users to create eBinders from eChapters (or any arbitrary page range) within minutes.

We are a very small publisher. Is CloudPublish for us?

Yes, CloudPublish allows smaller and specialist publishers to compete with larger organisations in the marketplace without the need for a large capital investment in ePublishing technology.

We are a very large publisher. Why would we use CloudPublish technology?

CloudPublish includes features which simplify procedures and administration saving time, reducing costs and increasing efficiency across all digital publishing operations. It is also highly scalable, so that however large your catalogue or customer base, CloudPublish always offers high performance.

In which format do I need to supply files?

You will need ePDF files (Acrobat 1.4-compatible with embedded fonts and bookmarks for each chapter) and ONIX metadata.

We are not familiar with ONIX metadata, can you help?

Yes, we can help you get set up with ONIX and transfering metadata to us using this industry standard. We also have a fall-back method using CSV files which can be used until you become familiar with ONIX.

How will I authenticate my clients' users?

CloudPublish is compatible with a range of authentication options including IP, proxy server, Athens, Shibboleth, referrer URL, and username/password. We are able to provide technical assistance integrating CloudPublish with your preferred authentication service, including first-time setup with OpenAthens.

What is the reliability of the CloudPublish platform?

CloudPublish has a Service Level Agreement with a 99.95% uptime guarantee.

What support does CloudPublish provide?

CloudPublish provides technical support as well as training for your staff so you can operate your CloudPublish-powered website and make use of all the functionality offered by CloudPublish. You will get a dedicated account manager as well as access to our technical team.

CloudPublish also offers IT development services for publishers who would like to devise additional features for their CloudPublish-powered website.

Please also search and browse our dedicated CloudPublish support area on this site.

What is a "platform-as-a-service"?

Platform as a service (PaaS) is a cloud computing model that delivers applications over the Internet. In a PaaS model, a cloud provider delivers hardware and software tools to its users as a service.[1]

In ePublishing terms, 123Library's CloudPublish products provide publishers with the platform (i.e., management tools, hardware, software) to publish eBooks online, without the need to invest in developing that platform themselves. Thus, the e-publishing platform is provided "as a service".

How can I find out more?

To find out more and to arrange a demonstration of the CloudPublish platform features, please contact us.


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